What is Company Incorporation Certificate?

Company incorporation certificate is a document issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, covering the businesses where food is produced, stored and offered for sale. If you’re asking yourself ‘Which businesses are covered by the company incorporation certificate?’ this article is for you. The following businesses are required to obtain a “ Company incorporation certificate“:

· Food production businesses

· Storage places

· Sales and retail activities (Market, grocery store, canteen, buffet, patisserie, bakery, etc.)

· Mass consumption businesses (Restaurants, restaurants, cafes, etc.) Packaging manufacturers

What Are The Things That Is Not Included to Company Incorporation Certificate?

The following activities that are not included for company incorporation in Turkey are:

· The places where slaughter is made during the Eid-al-Adha.

· Slaughter areas for personal needs in villages.

· Places where primary production is made for personal consumption.

· Places where food is prepared, processed and stored for personal consumption,of food; places where it is prepared, stored and presented for charitable purposes by individual volunteers, such as bazaars, cultural events, temporarily, from time to time and on a small scale.

How to Get A Company Incorporation Certificate?

The authority to issue documents rests with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. In order to obtain acompany incorporation certificate and enter the scope of registration, the provincial or district directorates of the ministry are applied. The following documents are filled in for the application. The required documents for the application are:

· Petition or cover letter stating your request,Business Registration.

· Certificate Application and Declaration (It is filled in by the applicant, it is included in the Annex-4 section of the relevant regulation.

· Commitment for food businesses that will operate in sugar production or sugar packaging (Annex-15 section of the relevant regulation)

· Copy of Business and Working License for businesses producing.

Information Required in the Application Form

In the company incorporation certificate application form, you are expected to fill in the following information:

· Business name of the business

· Name and surname of the operator or legal entity

· Tax number, subject of activity

· Addressphone, e-mail

· Number of employees, personnel whose employment is compulsory (Name, surname, profession, TR identity number)

· Stamp, Signature and Date

What is a Business Registration Number?

Company incorporation certificate number is a number that given to the covered businesses by the ministry. It consists of letters and numbers as follows. [TR-Provincial Traffic Code-K-6 letter sequence number]. E.g; TR-34-K-123456. It is Mandatory to Specify the Business Registration Number in Packaged FoodsThe business registration number must be written on the package or label of packaged foods. Please do not forget to bring your company incorporation documents before your meetings. The legal obligation is important at this point because this is stated in the “Food Labeling and Consumer Information Regulation”.Also if you ask is “Food Production Permit” or “Food Registry Certificate” is required? The answer is no. The only valid and sufficient company incorporation certificate document related to food production is the “Business Registration Certificate”. Others are related to the legislation before the Regulation on Registration and Approval Procedures of Food Businesses that came into force in 2011 and are invalid. Additional to this if you would like to get information about company incorporation Singapore you can start making researches online or you can get in touch with us.

What Are The Benefits of Having A Business Incorporation Certificate

If you’re wondering about ‘company incorporation nedir or what are the benefits it could bring to my company?’ this article is for you. Here are some of the benefits of having an company incorporation certificate for you and your company…

· Thanks to the certificate, you will become more advantageous compared to your competitors by increasing your chances of competing both at home and abroad.

· While complying with the sanctions of the document, you will see that the management standards of your organization or company have started to form and you have achieved institutionalization.

· Thanks to the document, it understands your customers well, starts to speak the same language with them and becomes a customer-oriented company. This plays an important part within increasing your market share.The activities of the organization get out of the hands of individuals and gain a more independent and professional management.

· By complying with the standards of the quality company incorporation certificate, it provides financial benefits by encountering the damages arising from poor quality and faulty goods more gently.

· Additional to this you dont have to pay any company incorporation fees after the process.

Beginning of Commercial ActivityAfter All These Processes

Company incorporation meaning is to have a bigger, stronger and more developed business. After thecompany incorporation certificate now the entrepreneur and the investor can now start their commercial activities. After printing an invoice from the printing house or registering to the e-invoice, e-archive invoice system, having a stamp, and completing all the necessary documents such as collection and payment receipts, invoices can also be issued. Now the procedural part of the job is over and the hard part of the work where entrepreneurial skills will be displayed has begun. After this process, the entrepreneur can contribute to the development of his business by becoming a member of associations, chambers, unions and similar non-governmental organizations. Depending on the necessity of the activity to be carried out, it may also apply to the relevant municipality for a municipality license and request a license.

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