What we solve?

Until recently, international trade happened exclusively through large corporations leaving SMEs out of the picture.

When the e-commerce revolution took off in the early 2010s, it became increasingly easy for SMEs to serve customers worldwide. But the global banking system remained a major stumbling block denying financial services to over 80% of international merchants.

The way to bridge the banking gap for international SMEs is to find a scalable way to verify their business substance.

So, we launched our mission to increase SMEs’ participation in international trade

Source of our success?

Our founders have been serving cross-border merchants for 15+ years, helping them trade globally. Today, when years of experience and a growing network with more than 65 international banking partners meet, a tailor made approach to understand our customers key points brings 100% success rate.

How we define ourselves?

Lion Business Co is a 1-stop financial and business advisory company providing company incorporation, international tax, online payments and business accounts for cross-border trade.

We are here to remove financial complexity to scale up international business and make it more inclusive.

What we proud of?

We are expert on opening bank account for high risk businesses, nationalities and locations
So far, we have successfully delivered our service to more than 1500 legal entities from various field all around the world

Which we experience how to grow business in

International Commodity Trade Crypto-trade Forex-trade Gas & Oil-trade Gems-trade Investment holding Startups Manufacturing Construction IT Logistics