International Trade

Reach the true potential of your business with corporate structuring and account specifically
designed for importers and exporters

Global account with local details: Direct IBANs,
30+ currencies, China, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Europe and international payments

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    International Trading Strategy Planning

    1-stop advisory for international trading

    Corporate structuring & International tax planning

    Learn how & where to structure your business to increase profit and lower tax liabilities for your clients/suppliers of your target countries and markets.

    Law advisory

    Beware of local law requirements for your business in target countries.

    Local presence

    Advised whether establishing Branch, Representative Office or company within the countries/markets you intend to conduct business.

    Business bank account opening

    Complete 1 assessment for more than 65 global banks.

    Identify the right bank

    That meets your requirements

    Letter of credit or Bank Guarantee

    Banking charge (deposit, account opening fee, etc.)

    Account currency option

    and more…

    Open account based on your

    Business nature

    Operation flow

    Country of supplier / clients

    And more…

    Partnering with

    Offshore traditional bank solutions


    Easy payments in multi currency all over the world

    Corporate Cards

    Business Credit & Debit Cards


    Send & receive money in EUR, GBP, USD, CHF & more

    Hassle free trade with Asia, Europe, US

    Hold, send & receive money in EUR, GBP, USD, CHF & more

    Crypto-friendly Bank

    Accept & Send in crypto. Convert to fiat in the bank


    Reduce the potential risk of fraud during a transaction

    Letter of Credit (L/C)

    Send goods securely

    SBLC (Standby Letter of Credit)

    Secure your payment with bank guarantee

    Take advantage of our ‘win-win’ guarantee…
    We charge you only once the bank pre-approves your account.
    In simpler terms: pay us only when we deliver.
    Want to save yourself the time, money, and stress, too?
    Let our team of experts dramatically increase your chance of opening a UK/EU business bank account.


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