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Collect | Send | Exchange fund in Crypto & Fiat in a Traditional Bank

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    Why crypto-friendly banks?

    It is no secret that most banks don’t like crypto businesses.
    Particularly, cryptocurrencies are often seen as a threat since one of their primary use case is to remove the middle man, which often happens to be the bank

    Therefore, we partner with banks that specialize in crypto-related businesses.

    Suits for

    Small & Medium Enterprises



    International Trading



    Crypto-friendly traditional bank solutions

    Large Payment Option

    Either pay & get paid crypto currency or wire transfer or integrate PayPal account.
    Support for easy payments all over the world

    E- Wallet | Swift | SEPA | PayPal


    Integrate your existing crypto wallet or open a new one. Use a crypto currency trading platform in a Traditional Bank. Avoid the risk of digital platforms and enjoy stealth execution of the most voluminous trading orders or instant move to fiat funds at the best available prices in the shortest possible time.

    Debit Cards

    Streamline and optimize your expenses around the world.
    Trade, exchange, and purchase products through bitcoin, litecoin, ether, etc.
    Shop in-store online everywhere. Withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide with with multiple currencies debit card


    With a multi currency business account
    invest, send, receive or convert funds in/to

    BTC, ETH, USDT, XRP, BNB, LINK, BCH, LTC, BSV, ADA and more.

    Secure. Reliable. Experienced

    Your payments are secured by acquiring banks throughout North American, Europe and Asia banks.

    Merchant Account

    Need to accept debit & credit cards transactions? When a customer pays your company with a card or in crypto currency, collect money to your business account automatically!

    Take advantage of our ‘win-win’ guarantee…
    We charge you only once the bank pre-approves your account.
    In simpler terms: pay us only when we deliver.

    Need a Nominee Director & Shareholder?

    Keep your information confidential. Let the nominee director & shareholder sign the legal documents of your business.


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