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      Company incorporation documents

      Directors/Shareholders’ passport copy + address proof

      Business Plan
      (If you don’t have this, we are happy to generate one for free)

      Former business proof (invoices, contracts, etc.)

      Depending on the banks, some additional documents may be required
      (assist to generate it) We

      Starts from a US$ 10,000 deposit or equivalent insurance purchase.

      For foreigners & non-residents

      Trading gateway to China market

      RMB Trade Settlement
      Effective from July 2009, the Hong Kong banks have been permitted to handle RMB (also known as the currency code “CNY”) agreement for cross-border trading with mainland China. So, settle trade with the designated enterprises of RMB in mainland China and keep RMB trade receipts offshore.

      No foreign exchange control
      No restriction on the international capital transfer, including transferring dividend or profit to your homeland.

      No tax for interest that earned in the account

      Pegged to USD
      The Hong Kong dollar (HKD) is officially pegged to the US dollar (USD) at around HK$7.80 to US$1, so HKD is seen as de-facto USD in the FX market.

      Secure Banking System and *AA+ Credit Rating

      Business Checking

      The most famous business account with fewest restrictions. Good for day to day transactions like purchases or bill payments.

      Deposit & withdraw funds through electronic transfers, wire transfers, cheques. Comes with ATM & Debit cards that directly pay & withdraw cash through any ATM machine around the world.

      Recommended for trading business.
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      Business Saving

      Earn a competitive interest rate on your savings. Higher monthly transaction limit.

      Recommended for operating profits.
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      Which account makes sense for your business?

      Most businesses will need at least one of the accounts above and many will need more than one. Think about what your goals are before deciding to open a business bank account

      Get free consultation to learn the one that suits your business.

      Business Checking

      Merchant Account

      Business Saving

      Payment methods

      Collect & send global payment. Fast, easy, convenient

      Bank Transfer

      Supports SWIFT BIC and SEPA IBAN

      Credit & Debit Cards | Mobile Payments

      Fund collection | payment via Union Pay, Master, Visa, Alipay, WeChat pay and AMEX

      Letter of Credit (L/C)

      Send goods securely. Discharge the legal obligations for payment from the buyer to the seller, your bank pays the seller directly. In the event the buyer is unable to make the payment on the purchase, make a demand for your payment on the bank.


      Cash, cheques, Giro, direct deposit, Ewallets, Prepaid cards.