Hong Kong

Hong Kong Largest Banks

Hong Kong Largest Banks

Hong Kong largest banks are known for their great service and their speed. Hong Kong is one of the biggest cities in the World and therefore their bank services are better and more advanced.

Banking in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has been chosen as the “center” of the global financial industry. Not only is the country a world-class business environment with a friendly tax system for entrepreneurs, but Hong Kong largest bankssystem is also relatively sophisticated and particularly outstanding.

You can find couple of banks there such as, DBS bank, HSBC Bank and so many more!

What Can DBS Bank Do For You

· Launch DBS Business Class for SMBs and Beginners in Hong Kong

· The online model of the SME Academy series

· Loan application plan

· Credit control of financing requirements, such as in emergencies.

DBS Bank, which stands out among the measures, offers the opportunity to open a bank account remotely in difficult times. The availability of video conferencing options when opening a bank account at DBS Bank in Hong Kong gave the people easy and convenient access to their guessed bank accounts. However, the policy may change depending on the Hong Kong largest banks at the time of application.

One of the biggest drawbacks for anyone considering DBS Hong Kong can be large deposits. A typical DBS account deposit is mor expensive than other banks, but opening a corporate premium bank account at DBS Bank can save you more Money than your first deposit.

Despite the enormous input cost, many entrepreneurs tend to choose DBS Bank to get certain privileges of this reputable bank. On Hong Kong banking holidays the bank will be closed but you can always use online banking for your needs.


HSBC Bank offers a wide range of services covering commercial banking, asset banking, personal banking and global banking in more than 60 countries and regions around the world.

With a global collaborative perspective, HSBC has created a 7.3% market share in Hong Kong’s stock and capital markets, placing HSBC Bank in the 5th position in Hong Kong largest banks.

What HSBC Can Do for You

Opening a bank account at HSBC Bank is considered a hassle-free process, but it can be time consuming. You can always use Hong Kong virtual banking for your bank account needs.

A typical downside is that HSBC Bank offers USD and GBP limited debit cards. Currently, not the strength of the card, but its presence in euro currency. Also, the initial deposit to open a corporate bank account at HSBC Bank can be more expensive than most other banks in Hong Kong.

The minimum starting balance for an HSBC bank account is usually HKD 500,000. This is very similar to other Hong Kong largest banks. Below are some of the reasons foreign applicants choose HSBC for their savings accounts.

HSBC Benefits

· It is a multinational bank with a worldwide branch and ATM network.

· The minimum deposit for a checking or savings account is just $1.

· If you can guarantee a minimum balance of $1,500, you don’t need a monthly checking account fee.

· Cash bonus for new customers. This is a benefit that comes from being one of the Hong Kong largest banks

· There are no ATM withdrawal fees, but the downside is the high maintenance costs.


Citibank focuses on commercial and investment banking. Bonds, insurance products, stock trading, etc. Various investment options are available. Citibank is one of the best private banks in Hong Kong. This is why citibank made the Hong Kong largest banks list.

Citibank Bank is the third bank note issuing bank in Hong Kong, along with HSBC and Bank of China HK. What makes Citibank attractive in 2021 is that customers can open a bank account and withdraw cash remotely via the QR Code App. People of China trusts Citibank more than others after the Hong Kong Banking Crisis.

Citibank Benefits

The Citibank Premium Account is highly recommended to anyone who needs it. The minimum starting balance for this Bank account is notibly lower than others. Some base fees have also been removed to facilitate many of the services they provide to their customers.

· Citibank will remain one of the Premium Hong Kong largest banks for businesses and families

· Good credit card offers highlight banks, for example Premier Miles

· There are no monthly, annual or ATM fees for a particular account package.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Bank in Hong Kong

You have many Hong Kong largest banks options to consider when choosing the best bank in Hong Kong. Highlight points and find the bank that best suits your needs. In short, we prefer banks with low deposit and minimum balance requirements, or premium banks that encourage business ventures by offering high value banks.

The funds deposited to open a bank account in these places are often as high as a bank’s reputation. Hong Kong private banking should meet your needs, even deliver more.

How To Open a Bussiness Bank Account in Hong Kong

To open a business bank account in Hong Kong, you will need to submit an additional certified copy of your company’s documents, but the personal account opening process is not that complicated. For this reason, before applying, you should thoroughly examine the list of Hong Kong banks and decide what best for your needs..

In addition to the traditional large banks in Hong Kong, the presence of certain electronic banking services these days can increase the chances of opening a bank account. But remember that choosing the right supporters is also very important. This is why Hong Kong largest banks is a important subject for you to research.

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