Easily set up a bank account in HK in Singapore or in Europe, 100% Success Guarantee, HSBC, Citibank

Whenever it comes to investing in a foreign country, the thing that clicks first in our mind is where we would be able to find a place where the tax amount is lower than our home country. Starting a new business has never been an easy task at all. Hong Kong was and is always in everyone’s top list of the most attractive business regimes. On top of that, the business network that you will find in Hong Kong is quite wide and unlike anywhere. It is considered as one of the most investment friendly cities to set up a new business. Why do people actually tend to look for opening a business in Hong Kong? We did an in depth research and found out this: 1. setting up business in Hong Kong is relatively easy. 2. It is secure to invest money in various types of industries here 3. The business environment is pretty investment friendly and the network you will grow is beyond your imagination 4. Hong Kong is such a place where the investors from east meet with the investors from west 5. The Hong Kong company incorporation cost is lower than the neighboring countries

6. Have you ever thought of a world without the US Dollar bills? Yes, HK dollar bills are seen as the de facto currency instead of the US dollar. That is why investing in Hong Kong is safe! These are the top 6 reasons, for which people always tend to set up their business in Hong Kong. Unlike any other major economic center, Hong Kong has created such an investment friendly business region that is packed with expats, forieng national and digital nomads. With an Asian atmosphere it gives the European freedom of doing business with extreme ease for people of all the nationalities. Normally with the USA, UK, EU and Australia passports, opening a bank account in Hong Kong is quite quick and easy. It may take some time for, apart from the foreign nationals of the countries or regions, not mentioned above. However, for many foreigners, those who are not residing in Hong Kong, the main question is “how to open a bank account in Hong Kong”! If you need to open a bank account in Hong Kong, then we have the best solution for you with a handful of experience.There are more than 200 financial institutions from around 30 countries in Hong Kong, meaning that there are plenty of options available for individuals from outside of Hong Kong! But the main challenge is, most of the time, foreigners come to Hong Kong without proper knowledge and apply for opening a bank account in Hong Kong, that results in an uncertain disapproval. But do not worry at all! The LionBusiness Co. is here to help you with opening a bank account in Hong Kong without any difficulties. For those looking for HSBC account opening, Citibank account opening, Bank of China account opening or more will be successful with Lion Business Co.’s 100% Guarantee account opening service. The major financial institutions that we work with:


DBS Bank

Bank of East Asia

Bank of China

Standard Chartered

Hang Seng Bank


We can assure you some benefits regarding opening a bank account in Hong Kong, exclusively with us! If you open a bank account with us, there is a 0% tax regime in Hong Kong that is called “offshore claim”. Simply when you generate your income out of Hong Kong -even by using your Hong Kong company- Hong Kong tax department does NOT require you to pay tax. The account holder will not be charged on his/her earnings. Our team guarantees you with 100% assurance for opening a business bank account in Hong Kong. Our clients are assured in such a way that their bank account opening documents are normally ready even before their landing in Hong Kong! Yes! That is why EXPERIENCE does matter!

Fintech account

Financial sustainability is very important for the new investors. A country which is politically, socially and economically resilient, is always most searched by the people, who wants to invest their money in various sectors. Hong Kong is such a place where you will find this resiliency. In the international financial arena, no other place is as vibrant as Hong Kong at present. Financial Technology or Fintech is a growing sector in Hong Kong. Government is focusing at its best to let the growth be sustained in the next 15-20 years. At the same time the HK government is funding a lot of money with valuable resources to build up a cutting edge FinTech ecosystem.

Lion Business Co. has a range of experience, dynamic and young in mind type of FinTech specialist. We are working at our best to make Hong Kong as a next generation FinTech hub in the global arena.

Throughout the years HK has made itself ready for this new ecosystem led by FinTech. HK has introduced the world’s first payment system without any contact. Such a kind of payment gateway was never seen in the world. Fintech platforms work basically like traditional bank accounts, you can send and receive money with your fintech account, you can access your account online from anywhere. By having a fintech account you will have your own Swift code and IBAN number and your company name appears while doing the money transactions with your clients or suppliers.

We are partners with 4 major fintech companies in Hong Kong. They are totally trustable and reputable companies because they run their platforms through reputable banks like, DBS, Citibank and etc. Plus we are introducing you for free

We the Lion Business Co. is always beside you to update you with the latest news and data with FinTech. Our Financial Engineering team with the Data Scientist team is ready to consult with the latest findings in this arena. For any kind of FinTech solution, Lion Business CO. is there for you!

General related to account opening

For doing any kind of Business or Financial Transaction, you will need a bank account in Hong Kong . An offshore bank account is not easy for foreign nationals. Due to the lack of knowledge most of the time, foreigners get the disapproval from the banks where they apply for opening a bank account. Lion Business Co. is here for you to make your opening the business banking account, smoother and sound. We are guaranteeing 100% for opening your bank account. We are being partnered with more than 50+ banks worldwide as well as 30 international banks and national banks in Hong Kong, Singapore and 30 more locations.

Documents needed for opening a personal banking account in Hong Kong: 1. Account opening application form

2. Your passport copy or the Hong Kong residence permit card 3. Document of your address 4. Your latest bank statement that covers the last 3 months of transaction

5. You curriculum vitae Documents needed for opening a corporate bank account: 1. Account opening application form

2. Passport copy of all the managing partners

3. Document of address of all the managing partners

4. Your latest bank statement that covers the last 3 months of transaction

5. Curriculum vitae of all the members 7. An in depth business plan for new businesses

8. Documents related to proof of your business We will guide you from scratch regarding how to open your bank account as well as some of the country’s most famous financial investing options for expatriates. Our services are perfect for helping you find the most compact feet in your new community. We will get you lined up with financial institutions and services. This is a guarantee.

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